Saturday, 24 November 2012

Midnight Session in Caversham

Midnight beckoned as a chilly haze twisted the moon's rays. Amy Louise, armed with her camera and tripod, cruises the streets in her pursuit of that perfect picture. She's certainly come close to perfection with these two. Who would've thought Caversham could look so sexy under moonlight
The definition on this one is unbelievable considering how cloudy the night was. Mesmerizing lights, spellbinding reflections and industrial murmurs all captured as we overlooked Caversham Bridge on a bitter Thursday night.
Wispy, fast-moving clouds are set in unity with those motionless stars. A withering tree looks a solitary figure in the midst of  Winter's stern gaze. Stern and cold it may have been, but there's something intensely radiant shining from this photo.

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