Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Soggy Saturday Session in Reading

Cold nights should be spent at home by a fire eating a Snickers bar with a warm cup of tea - not fumbling about with a camera and an umbrella! I, for one, support this sentiment but Amy Louise had other ideas on this dismal night.  

Luckily, we weren't getting too wet whilst taking this one. Under the IDR, the Oracle takes pride of place.
The tall, eerie-looking spire is the focal point of this photo, whilst the slick road reflects and distorts the flurry of colours emanating from town centre.  
Perfect timing. Red, amber and green all shine from the traffic lights in bizarre unity. 

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Midnight Session in Caversham

Midnight beckoned as a chilly haze twisted the moon's rays. Amy Louise, armed with her camera and tripod, cruises the streets in her pursuit of that perfect picture. She's certainly come close to perfection with these two. Who would've thought Caversham could look so sexy under moonlight
The definition on this one is unbelievable considering how cloudy the night was. Mesmerizing lights, spellbinding reflections and industrial murmurs all captured as we overlooked Caversham Bridge on a bitter Thursday night.
Wispy, fast-moving clouds are set in unity with those motionless stars. A withering tree looks a solitary figure in the midst of  Winter's stern gaze. Stern and cold it may have been, but there's something intensely radiant shining from this photo.

Thursday, 1 November 2012

Time for some obscure urban adventures courtesy of Devin Graham

Freedom is an ally in the weird world of unicycling. Blitzing around with one wheel, popping up ledges, mastering the rails in the city and conquering the wide-set roads in the hilly suburbs. On first glance these freestylists do not exactly look the most elegant, especially when riding on flat.  As they twist their bodies to balance and awkwardly hold the saddle between their legs to get air, they look distinctly gawky when compared to the fluid cadences cast by skateboarders. But as soon as they start bussin pirouettes and grinds, the beauty is there for all to see and oozes from every single spoke. 

Perfect vibes captured here as a peek unicyclist showcases his moves.

Unicycling reflects those eclectic urban rhythms, it matches the fractured city landscapes through its magical guises and enigmatic postures- who would've thought you could rule the streets with just half a bike!

Now, when you think of rope swings, your brain will, undoubtedly, supply some fond memories of days spent in woods, building hideouts and making fires. In those days, rope swings were modest enough- a scraggly bit of rope hung from a branch about 10 feet up with a mouldy stick as a seat. This would've been enough to cure any normal kid's lust for adrenaline.

Devin clearly wasn't a normal kid though. Taking those affectionate memories and injecting some FUCK into them. It might not be everyone’s conception of an urban sport but FUCK ME it looks like an intense experience.

Innovation and experimentation have always been at the heart of any urban sport. In a quest for adrenaline, you must take those urban structures and imprint your own imagination on them. The results will hopefully stimulate your senses. That's why Devin and his crew took it upon themselves to invent Trike Drifting. Again, he's taken something that soaked our youthful dreams and infused a dosage of FUCK into them. Fairplay to him!