Monday, 1 October 2012

Amy Louise Art

Newspaper covered canvas, painted and topped with acrylic painted stencils.  A piece marked by its clarity of insight and ingenious design.

Can I listen to your titties?! Curves captured perfectly here by ALR. Certainly looks cosy in amongst them!

Spladders of red dropage infused with the chuckling cynicism of Buddha. Check out the tonkness of those ears. Ted Latto in disguise?

Aims and Ambitions

We are UrbanSouth, a team of budding freelance professionals looking to launch an innovative urban magazine for South England.

As humans, we are constantly riding the crest of those beautiful urban waves. We absorb urban culture wherever we go. This magazine will supply you with all the information so that you can immerse yourself and enjoy these movements. Whether it be a specific genre of music, an extreme sport or an artistic style you will find something that buffs your buddha in our new magazine.


RyanHall- Chief Writer
PaulHill- Dedicated Artist
AmyRussell- Dedicated Artist/Photographer

Up next will be some pieces from our very own Amy Louise.